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>Dutch researchers have peered into the minds and wallets of a group of men aged 55 to 75 years to determine what they are willing to trade for a reduced risk of prostate cancer–related death or to avoid unnecessary procedures and treatment.
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Feedback from their peers helped physicians refrain from ordering unnecessary tests for patients with newly diagnosed cancer, according to a recent study (Miller DC, et al. J Urol. 2011;186:844-849. Epub 2011 Jul 23).
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In this era of upwardly spiraling healthcare costs, the management of low-risk prostate cancer is changing. Although approximately two thirds of men with a diagnosis of prostate cancer have a low prostate-specific antigen (PSA) value or low-risk disease, approximately 90% of these men receive early intervention, with surgery or with radiation. Findings from a new study from the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System suggest that localized prostate cancer, especially low-risk cancer, can be safely managed by observation alone.

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