2020 Eddie Ozzie Award Winner
Winner of Folio's 2020
Eddie & Ozzie Awards

Association for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC) is a 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to the education and exchange of knowledge among all stakeholders in the cancer care ecosystem responsible for patient care, to ensure optimal care is delivered to patients with cancer.

The mission of AVBCC is to provide a forum for payers, providers, and the entire oncology team enter into conversations and evaluate value in terms of impact, quality, and cost on patient care and outcomes.

This unique focus is by including collaboration with the following stakeholders:

  • oncologists and hematologists
  • nurses
  • oncology nurse navigators
  • pathologists and geneticists
  • pharmacists
  • practice administrators
  • practice managers
  • patient advocacy organizations
  • managed care organizations
  • insurance companies
  • third-party payers
  • integrated health delivery systems
  • telemedicine
  • diagnostic labs
  • digital health
  • policy makers
  • industry consultants
  • revenue cycle management
  • cancer centers of excellence
  • medical directors
  • pharmacy directors
  • pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers
  • personalized medicine providers
  • researchers
  • patients with cancer

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