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Cost Is Crucial When Evaluating Treatment
Dr. Bosserman explains that physicians must take cost and outcomes into consideration when evaluating treatment options.
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Value-Based Concerns - What Matters?
Linda Bosserman, MD, FACP, talks about the value-based concerns of physicians in the US, including outcomes, survival, toxicity, and cost to patient.
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Approaches to Alleviating Costs for Patients and Payers
According to Dr. Stainthorpe, the cost of care can be alleviated for patients and providers using imaginative reimbursement approaches such as risk shares and managed entry schemes that pay by outcomes.
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Value-Based Concerns of European Oncologists
Dr. Stainthorpe sheds light on the value-based concerns of oncologists in Europe, which include patient benefit, low side effects, and treatment options.
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Keeping Cost Out of the Drug Approval Debate
Andrew Stainthorpe, PhD, PASLU, NICE, talks about why the FDA should not take drug cost into account when weighing the approval of expensive medications.
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New Conversations About Costs of Cancer Care
According to Dr. Mullins, patients are having new conversations with their physicians about the cost of care and their ability to pay for treatment. He points out that some patients are not taking their medications because they cannot afford them, and says that social services need to be established to help these individuals.
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Providing Patients with Cost Information
Dr. Mullins emphasizes that the role of oncologists is changing, and they should recognize that treatment cost is an important consideration for patients. Having cost information available for patients is one way oncologists can help patients make decisions about their care.
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Affordability + Clinical Effectiveness = The Value Equation
C. Daniel Mullins, PhD, talks about the importance of considering the value equation when it comes to treating oncology patients. Oncologists should have conversations with their patients about clinical effectiveness and affordability in order to determine the best course of treatment. This approach is more challenging, but leads to more patient-centered care.
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What can be done to alleviate the cost to patients with cancer
Dr. Kolodziej talks about the importance in price transparency, education on outcomes and involvement in shared decision making.
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Value-Based Concerns for Oncologists in the US
Dr. Palmer talks about healthcare cost and the affect it has on an oncologist.
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