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ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium

Breast cancer in women under age 40 years is often considered a more aggressive disease than in older women, and this often leads clinicians to recommend mastectomy over breast-conserving therapy (BCT), that is, lumpectomy or radiation. However, 2 studies presented at the 2011 Breast Cancer Symposium suggest that younger age in itself is not a reason for mastectomy.
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San Francisco, CA—Accelerated partial breast irradiation using brachytherapy (APBIb) for breast cancer has been rapidly adopted in the United States, although its use varies by region, race, and ethnicity. Jona A. Hattangadi, MD, Harvard Radiation Oncology Program, Boston, reported the findings at the 2011 ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium, which was sponsored by 6 breast, oncology, and surgical societies.
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National Harbor, MD—Multiple benefitswere observed for contralateral prophylactic mastectomy (CPM), including cost-effectiveness, in studies presented at the 2010 ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium by investigators from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.
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