Tackling the Copay Burden for Cancer Patients
When it comes to copays, cancer patients shoulder an unfair burden compared with other disease states. Dr. Bosserman talks about this need for a solution and the idea that a true, value-based system would help to make care more affordable for patients.
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Increasing Copays Causing Physicians to Expand Their Roles
Increasing costs of copays are causing oncologists, such as Dr. Bosserman, to learn and understand more about the options (both coverage and treatment) available to patients.
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Benefits of the Single Payer Perspective
Dr. Stainthorpe explains that the single payer perspective allows for negotiated terms and equality of access; however, they do not necessarily drive down costs the way multiple payers can.
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Finding Value in Healthcare
Dr. Mullins confirms that value in healthcare is incredibly important to both patients and insurance companies. The development of many new treatment options in the field of oncology makes it a prime place to look for value. Value can be determined by comparing evidence of cost and evidence of improved health outcomes.
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Are there specific initiatives at Atena that other health plans can adopt for value based cancer care
During this segment Dr. Kolodziej discusses how there is a consistency with the vision people have.
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