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Benefits of Multidisciplinary Care

Videos — May 2, 2014


Mark J. Krasna, MD
Corporate Medical Director of Oncology
Jersey Shore University Medical Center
Neptune, NJ

Those of us who have been performing multidisciplinary cancer care over several years have been successful in working together with payers and providers to show them the benefit for the patient.

The inherent benefit for the patient is obvious. It is intuitive, easier for the patient at one visit to see all their treating physicians rather than come back time and again. Likewise, shortening the time interval between all the visits is going to allow the timeliness of care to be addressed.

Also, it leads to better patient care, because multidisciplinary cancer care will ensure adherence to guidelines, such as NCCN guidelines, by all practitioners?medical, radiation, and surgical oncologists.

We have been successful in talking to payers in the past and getting them to support and to pay for patients having a multidisciplinary consult visit, which includes all 3 modalities at one visit. The way to justify this to the payer is that by streamlining the patient care, you will have better patient understanding, better adherence to the plan that is recommended to the patient, and ultimately better outcomes including the survival.

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